CX18 Fluid Head

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  • SW10017
    • Payload 0-16kg
    • Weight 2,5kg
    • Bowl Diameter 100mm
    • Counterbalance 16 Positions
    • Pan/Tilt Drag 5/5 + 0
The new Compassx 18 (CX18) is the premium fluid head in the Compass x  series. Designed for... mehr
Produktinformationen "CX18 Fluid Head"

The new Compassx 18 (CX18) is the premium fluid head in the Compassx series. Designed for the creative professionals needing a stable, higher capacity solution, it is capable of balancing from a broadcast down to a DSLR camera, thanks to CB PlusTM technology and Miller’s precision fluid drag system.

The CX18 employs CB PlusTM technology providing 16 positions of counterbalance, 5+0 settings of Miller’s fluid pan and tilt drag with 60mm of camera plate travel, enabling you to match your camera configuration to any shot.

Constructed of lightweight high-strength die-cast alloy and tough composite polymers and featuring precision ball bearings Miller have combined robust engineering with silk smooth pan and tilt camera movements. Built for extreme conditions the CX18 performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and environments giving you confidence when out on a shoot.

Powerful and precise, CX18 makes a great choice for applications such as news gathering, documentary, wildlife and filmmaking. The CX18 meets the demands for reliability and “THE RIGHT FEEL” that are hallmarks of Miller, enabling you to tell your story.

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Specification - CX18 Fluid Head Payload Range  0-16.0kg (0-35.2lbs) Weight... mehr

Specification - CX18 Fluid Head

Payload Range 0-16.0kg (0-35.2lbs)
Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
Counterbalance Positions 16 selectable positions (15+0)
Pan Tilt Drag 5 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Pan Tilt Locks  Positive lock calliper brake system 
Tilt Range   + 90°/ -75
Pan Range  360° 
Camera Platform Quick release, side load camera plate
Sliding Range 60mm (2.4") 
Mounting Base Ø100mm (3.9”) ball levelling
Height Above Bowl 150mm (6.0")
Illuminated Controls Bubble level
Pan Handle Fixed lenght 390mm (15.4")
Temperature Range  -40° to +65°C (-40° to +149°F)
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